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GEMS offers a full range of asset management for renewables, from the technical to the commercial aspects. Our partners rely on GEMS also for the assessment of plants’ performances with a view to improve its productivity and optimize the costs.

Technical Management

Performance Monitoring

Remote monitoring of plants with data acquisition and processing system and evaluation of efficiency and availability performances. Management of the IT flow necessary for the optimization of energy dispatching through PPA

Project Management

Ensuring coordination and timely performance of activities related to the asset portfolio and eventual relevant claims.

MPS Supervision

Regular discussion with counterparties to ensure compliance with the obligations relating to O&M Contracts; technical / economic review and periodic negotiation of contracts in order to increase efficiency and to optimize intervention times.

Regular Onsite Inspecitons

Verification of plant conditions through periodic visits and optimization of maintenance activities


Authorization procedures related to extraordinary maintenance works (e.g. exceptional transports, support works), coordination of service and assistance providers.

Technical Reporting

Technical and operational reporting, including accurate overview of key performance indicators, corrective maintenance, H&S and environment update, litigations and significant events occurred.

Landowners relationship management

Monitoring, negotiation and subscription of land rights agreements in order to appropriately manage the related costs and to prevent potential conflicts.

Commercial Management

Project finance

Management of relationships with funding institutions and all the fulfillments associated with funding, support in structuring and requesting funding.

Financial management

Management of all liquidity (Cash Management), financial planning, management of Intercompany financial reports.

Finance and accounting

Preparing operating and budget balance sheets, periodic reporting, intercompany reporting.

Tax management

Tax compliance management, litigation, tax planning and tax advice.

Legal and corporate assistance

Support for the activity of Corporate Secretariat, social book management, governance support.

Extraordinary Finance:

Support for asset acquisition and integration (Handover), support in the process of disposing of assets

Health & Safety Relationship Management

Compliance with national HSE standards

Operational management in the implementation of risk prevention and protection measures for workers, the environment and company assets, consistent with current regulations.

Managing relationships with communities, authorities and local government

Managing relations with local authorities and promoting out-of-touch awareness and communication actions, concerning the production of electricity through alternative sources

ESG Reporting

Analysis and study of ESG (Enviromental, Social and Governance) criteria and defining how to operate to improve business performance.

Other Services

Technical Department

Specific technical inspections

Specific technical inspections to investigate or prevent decrease of performances and related follow up (e.g. thermographic inspections, blade inspections, endoscopies, LIDAR measurements)

Energy projects advisory

Basing on the multidisciplinary experience GEMS acts as technical advisor for its clients, by providing customized engineering assessments in case of special projects aiming to allow new services for their assets and therefore to improve their profitability (e.g. Fast Reserve, Voltage regulation)

Scada ed ICT maintenance and management

Client / server architecture maintenance of SCADA systems, network monitoring and administration, trouble shouting , cybersecurity and related reporting activities.

Commercial Department

PPA negotiation

Periodic optimization of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) is executed by GEMS with selected power trading companies to benefit our clients with best electricity prices and appropriate contract structure, by considering market offers and regulation updates.

GO negotiation

Negotiation of the best conditions of sale of guarantees of origin relating to the plants also using innovative contractual forms and the network of international contacts of GEMS in order to obtain the best price. Spot and forward contracts.

Compliance with national laws and incentive management

Fulfillment of the requirements set by the legislation to keep qualified plants in operation (Terna, GSE, ARERA, Customs Agency) and to receive the incentive (e.g. IAFR, FER). Monitoring of any changes in energy laws and regulations.

Procurement support and optimization

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