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At GEMS (Green Energy Management Services) we design, produce and manage energy production plants from renewable sources. We have more than 25 collaborators with twenty –year experience in this sector. We combine expertise with a great passion for energy, renewables and our job. We take specific care of the relationship with our partners and clients, and this, combined with our innovaiton capacity and a constant research for the best quality makes the difference in the market.

For all these reasons, GEMS is the ideal ally for all investors and businesses and organisations who want to make the most of their assets.

Our care for all the different aspects of our job is recognised by the many certifications we obtained throughout the years.


We witnessed the birth/beginning and growth of this market and followed through its evolution in terms of regulation, norms and technology. That is why we know how to accompany our clients ad partners in the challenging years ahead of us. Our technical, administrative, fiscal, control and accounting departments, our onsite operators, our QHSE Manager, our Energy Manager, and our Control Room collaborate snergically to meet all our partners’ requests exchanging information for a top asset management.


We are present in 5 Italian regions where approximately 66% of Italy’s renewable production capacity is located.

We work with wind turbine producers who cover 70% of the current Italian production capacity.

Our approach is unique: we manage every plant as our own plant with an excellent technical expertise. Each GEMS partner and client is a full member of GEMS.

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